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You MUST obtain your Florida Marriage License prior to the Wedding. Out of state residents have no waiting period and residents require a 3 day waiting period. 
Florida Marriage License Requirements

Both parties must be present when applying for a marriage license and each must present one of the following forms of identification: 
Valid government issued photo driver license issued in the United States; or 
Valid federal or state photo identification card; or 
Valid government issued Passport or Consular photo ID 
(birth certificates or green cards are not accepted) 
If either person was previously married, the manner in which the last marriage ended and the exact date the marriage ended (month, day and year) are required. Copies of the death certificate, final decree of divorce, annulment or blood test are not required. You do not have to be a resident of Florida to apply. 
If either person is a Florida resident, a mandatory 3 day waiting period applies. The license’s “Effective Date” will be 3 calendar days after the “Issue Date”. The bridal party will not be able to marry until on, or after the “Effective Date”. The license will expire 60 days after the issue date. 
Requirements for Minors 16 or 17 years old (one or both applicants) (f.s. 741.0405(1))
All of the following are required: 
One of the forms of identification listed above; 
Certified copy of Minor's birth certificate showing parent's names; and 
A parental consent form may be obtained at the time of application. Both parents/legal guardians must be present with their own identification on hand. If one parent is deceased, a certified copy of the death certificate must be presented, and the surviving parent must be present with his/her own identification. If a legal guardian has been appointed, a court certified copy must be presented. 
Exceptions will be if the parents are divorced and one parent has sole legal custody of the minor child. In this case, a court certified copy of the custody document must be presented and only the consent of the custodial parent will be required. If both parents are deceased, and a guardian has not been appointed by the court, the minor must present certified copies of both death certificates. 
If full parental consent is unobtainable, judicial review is mandatory. 
Any application may be submitted for judicial review. 
Requirements for Minors under the age of 16 (one or both applicants) 
All of the requirements for minors 16 or 17 shown above. 
Under oath, swear that they are the parents or expectant parents of a child; 
Provide proof in the form of the newborn child’s birth certificate or written statement from a licensed physician verifying pregnancy. 
Will require judicial review. 
Previously Married Minors: 
Previously married minors may apply without parental consent. The minor must provide a certified copy of the previous marriage’s certificate and a certified copy of the death certificate or divorce decree. 
Where consent is required, is consent of both parents required? 
Yes, unless the parents are divorced and the sole legal custody and control is placed in one parent, then only the parent having such sole custody and control shall be required to give the written consent. All written consents must be acknowledged under oath (notarized or witnessed by a deputy clerk). 
If my bride/groom and I are both Florida residents, do we have to take a 4 hour premarital preparation course? 
Florida law (f.s. 741.01) requires all Florida residents to either take a four (4) hour premarital preparation course given by an authorized course provider or wait three (3) days from the date of issuance for the license to become effective. Additionally, Florida law requires the course provider to be registered in our county in order for the three (3) day waiting period to be waived and for the bridal couple to be eligible for the discounted license fee.  A Certificate of Course Completion must be presented at time of application. 
Who can provide the four (4) hour premarital preparation course? 
f.s. 741.0305 prescribes the following to be qualifying course providers: 
1.  A psychologist licensed under chapter 490. 
2.  A clinical social worker licensed under chapter 491. 
3.  A marriage and family therapist licensed under chapter 491. 
4.  A mental health counselor licensed under chapter 491. 
5.  An official representative of a religious institution which is recognized under s. 
     *496.404(19), if the representative has relevant training. 
6.  Any other provider designated by a judicial circuit, including, but not limited to, 
     school counselors who are certified to offer such courses. 
The qualifying course provider must be registered in our county in order to be eligible for waiver of the three (3) day waiting period and discounted license fee. 
If my bride/groom and I are both non-Florida residents, is there a waiting period for the issuance of the license? 
No. If both the bride and groom are non-Florida residents, there is no waiting period for the license to become effective. 
Are blood tests and physical exams required? 
No. The law requiring these tests was repealed October 1, 1986. 
Must I apply for a marriage license in the county where I live? 
No, a marriage license may be applied for and solemnized in any Florida county. 
How long is a marriage license valid once it is issued?
The marriage must be solemnized within sixty (60) days of issuance of the marriage license. The ceremony may be performed anywhere within the State of Florida. 
Who may perform marriage ceremonies? 
A regularly ordained minister or other ordained clergy; 
Elders in communion with some church; 
All judicial officers (judges) of the State of Florida; 
Clerks of Circuit Court and their deputies of the State of Florida; and 
Notaries Public of the State of Florida. 
In addition, the law provides that marriages may be performed among "Quakers" or "Friends," in the manner and form used or practiced in their societies. 
Note: Boat Captains are not authorized to perform marriage ceremonies in the State of Florida unless they are otherwise qualified as provided above. Marriage ceremonies must take place within Florida’s boundaries (within 3 geographical miles of the coastline). 
Who is a "regularly ordained minister"? 
He/she is a minister who has been recognized in the manner required by the regulations of the respective denomination to perform marriage ceremonies. 
We’re from out-of-state, and we want to bring our regularly ordained minister with us to perform the ceremony in Florida. May we do this? 
May a marriage be solemnized without a license? 
No, Section 741.08 F.S. states that the party solemnizing the marriage shall require a license issued according to f.s. 741.01. before solemnizing the ceremony. 
May I use my Florida Marriage License to have my marriage solemnized in another state? 
No. Florida Marriage Licenses are only valid within the state boundaries. 
Do I have to be a Florida resident or a U.S. citizen to obtain a Marriage License? 
No. The parties must present valid government issued photo ID, such as driver license from their state or a passport from their country. Valid consular ID cards are also accepted. 
Do I have to provide my social security number? 
If you are a U.S. citizen, or have been issued a social security number, you must provide it at time of application (f.s. 741.04). Use of this number through this requirement shall be limited to the purpose of administration of the Department of Revenue Title IV-D program. It is sent to the Florida Department of Health, Office of Vital Statistics as part of your marriage record. 


Local County Clerk Offices 

Effective April 23, 2014
Okaloosa County Courthouse Annex Extension
1940 Lewis Turner Blvd ( Hwy 189)
Third Floor/ Room 3B
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547

Walton County Clerk
Annex 31 Coastal Centre 
Santa Rosa Beach, Florida 32459 
Telephone: (850) 267-3066

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